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about the Oregon Trail

The Gold Rush DVD

  1. 1-hour historical documentary

  2. Narrated by John Lithgow

  3. As seen nationally PBS

  4. Created by a 4-time Emmy winner

  5. Broadcast Education Assoc. award winner

"An evocative overview"
USA Today

"Never less than interesting"
Chicago Tribune

"Polished... fast-paced... consistently interesting."
Sacramento Bee

San Francisco Magazine

"Carefully composed... an excellent eye for detail."
Salt Lake Tribune

"Solid... a nimble job of connecting California's present with its unruly past"
San Francisco Chronicle

Milwaukee Journal

Created by a four-time Emmy-winning filmmaker, "The Gold Rush" is a deeply moving documentary about the great quest for gold in frontier California. This award-winning program traces the epic saga of the bold adventurers who profoundly changed a young nation and redefined the American dream. Narrated by John Lithgow, the film provides a comprehensive overview of the Gold Rush, including: gold discovery, the journey west, quick fortunes, winners and losers, frontier women, the collision of cultures, environment destruction, the birth of San Francisco, long-term impact, and much more.

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The Oregon Trail DVD

  1. 2-hour historical documentary

  2. As seen nationally PBS

  3. Created by a 4-time Emmy winner

  4. Broadcast Education Assoc. award winner

"One doesn't just hear about the Oregon Trail; one actually makes the trip. Highly recommended."
Library Journal

" absorbing journey into American history."

School Library Journal

"A great purchase"
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This 4-part DVD offers the complete story of the hardy pioneers who changed the course of American history. Quality: The Emmy-award winning crew traveled the entire length of the Trail, filming the untouched scenic vistas that still exist along much of the route. Accuracy: Great care was taken to ensure historical accuracy. Every rut you'll see is the actual Oregon Trail; every still image is from the Trail's glory years.  Entertaining: The film will captivate young and old alike, with great stories and fun tidbits that make history come alive.The complete story: Every facet of the great western journey is covered: Lewis and Clark. The Astorians. The Whitmans.  The Great Migration. Reasons behind the journey. Preparations. Oxen vs. Mules.  Daily life on the Trail.  Death and Hardship.  Encounters with Native Americans.  Buffalo. Alternate routes.  The Mormon trek.  49ers on the Trail. Settling in.  Plus, background on ALL the important sites along the way--from Independence to Oregon City.

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about the Oregon Trail